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Why are so many getting arrested and the media circus going crazy?

Because boylovers are not carefull. Most break no laws by having sex with kids, but have pictures and videos in the computer, sometimes pictures 30 or 40 years old. But when you get in trouble for been member of a board, for having dirt conversations over msn to a boy or even a kids parent in real live, you have files on your computer that will put your face on national tv and we will have to hear about pedo rings and pictures of babies being rapped. Why? Because we are all retarded and download junk and just keep it.
What to do? ENCRYPT and make sure your friends do to.
help us stop prejudice and persecution by keeping files safe.


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We will help make the world a safer place! 🙂

Container encryption

So, you have whole disk encryption, but other people use your computer or you have XXX files and want a second layer of protection (or maybe you want to send files to a friend in a secure way), so you can use bestcrypt to create a “container” that is a file that needs a password to open. When you open it your computer shows another drive (like when you attach a USB drive to your computer).
You can create folders and put files (and even install programs) inside the “drive” and when you dismount it the driver vanishes. That simple!!!

Even better, for advanced / paranoid users you can create a container with an easy pass, lets say “Good vibes” and put some random (legal) files inside. After that you create a “hidden” partition and create a hidden part inside the encrypted file, with another password. That way, even if someone makes you open the file, if you use the easy pass you will open to the part where you have legal / not private files and NO ONE can prove you have a hidden part there with other types of files.

🙂 try it on and let me know!!

Whole disk 1

Open Volume Encryption after you install Best Crypt (by the way, when you install make sure you choose all the options, including best crypt, volume encryption, swap encryption, encrypted volumes, etc).

Run Volume Encryption as an Administrator, or you will not be able to encrypt the boot disk. You will see a window like this:


You choose the main disk, where windows is installed (it works with xp, vista and windows 7) and choose Encrypt volume. You choose your pass, confirm it (IT MUST be a long pass, like a phrase, preferebly with numbers and you may NOT write it down or use the same pass you use for gmail or any other account)After that it will ask you to create some random data, just move your mouse around and click random keys on the keyboard.

After that encryption begins, it takes a few hours, depending on your computer speed and size of disk. Leave your computer alone doing that, make sure you dont turn it off and let it do the job. This is the ONLY time you will have to wait, after that you will see it encrypt / decrypt like magic.

When you restart your computer you will see a message and that is when you type your password. You can go into OPTIONS and choose “Boot-time prompt for password” and change that message, I like the one that says “SYSTEM ERROR”. That way people wont even be able to prove your computer is encrypted.

Under options choose “Anti-keylogger” and you will have a window like this:

check the box and you can type your password to make sure none of the caracheters you have used will be influenced by the filter. This filter prevents keyloggers from stealing your pass.

See? not that difficult! And you can encrypt other hard drives, like external hard drives, other HDs on your computer and even USB keys.

Using whole disk encryption you dont have to worry if your thumdrives are hidden in some windows system folder, if VLC media player stored the name os the movies, if Chrome stored thumbs from the files you have seen on IMGsrc etc etc etc.

On my nest post, how to create a container, where you should put all your XXX files, like your grandma’s apple pie recipe, pictures of your dog and all the other secrets – OH, you can also install programs on a container, that way your ICQ, ACDsee, Gigatribe and Desktop recorder files will be safe and protected from other users on that computer.


Only whole disk?

Well, whole disk rules, but has some disvantages:

  • If you share your computer. In that case you must give out the pass phrase so other people can turn the computer on – and you CANT do that. Strong encryption only makes sense if you are the only one that knows the pass.
  • If you plan to leave your computer ON and walk away from it, since it will not be encrypted, your files will be exposed.

So, most people use a sandwich: Whole disk encryption for boot disk (where windows / linux / mac os) is installed and container encryption for the sensitive files. That way when the computer is off you are 100% safe, and when your mom is using your computer, she wont accidentally find your *secret files*.

In case you must give other people the whole disk pass (lets say it is the family computer), you can have a pass that you share with the family and another strong pass that only you will know for your containers (where you keep secret stuff).

Both True Crypt and Best Crypt offer whole disk encryption and container encryption.

So, now i will teach you to use both: 😛

Getting started–

Well, encryption is:

“… encryption is the process of transforming information (referred to as plaintext) using an algorithm (called cipher) to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key.” (from wikipedia)

So, encryption protects information from being accessed. That simple. There are a large number of software that can do it for you, but what you want from a GOOD encryption program is:

– For it to provide strong encryption with no back door.

  • Using a program that encrypts information with an algorithm or method that can be opened by other means than using the correct key makes no sense.
  • Also, some programs, depending on federal regulation must provide a “back door”, or a way for people to access information when ordered by law, for an example. You want a program that does not have that feature.

– Whole disk encryption and anti keylogger.

  • When you encrypt a file, even with strong encryption it leaves traces on your computer. Every time you open a jpeg, for example, you leave the name of the file and a thumbnail and even if you delete a file from a folder it can be recovered (and no need for FBI skills here, there are online software that do that). So, what you want is to encrypt your whole harddrive.
  • The good encryption software makes it impossible to access files without the “key”, that can be a pass phrase  with or without an authentication tokken. So, the only way to acess your files is to get the pass, either they torture you or steal it from you – that is what keyloggers do, capture your pass while you type it and the best encryption programs around have counter measure for that.

So, I believe there are two good programs out there: One is True Crypt and the other is Best Crypt. True Crypt (www.truecrypt.org/) is open source and seems to be pretty good and FREE. You can find it here and if any of you guys are willing to do a step by step guide on how to use True crypt I will add it here.

Because of my work I learned to work with Best Crypt, from a Finish company called Jetico (www.jetico.com) and I REALLY trust them, they give great support and I trust them with my life, so i will teach how to use their software. I have no commercial interest, I make no money or get a discount by doing this, I just think I will be able to help others since most of my friends that have sensitive material use no encryption and that is unacceptable. The only “downside” is that the program is paid, but it coasts less than 100 dollars / euros and if you take into consideration that it can keep you out of trouble and that you will get support and a group of engeeners to improve and update the software, I think it is only fair we pay for it.

Start by downloading it from here: http://www.jetico.com/encryption-bestcrypt-volume-encryption/ and dont worry, they give you a 30day trial to see if you like it!! 🙂

Encryption 1 on 1

Hi my friends,

I have created this blog to teach you to protect your privacy, and files, and movies from family, friends, enemy, rackers 🙂

We must protect our privacy and lever let people use our won computer against us. I don’t care if you work in a pharmaceutical company, the White House or keep pictures of your girlfriend naked on your computer, you should be able to protect those files from unauthorized access, even by authorities. And obviously, if you have anything illegal or immoral saved in your computer you should take extreme care and learn the basic principals about encryption and take action to protect yourself.

So this is what this blog is all about: teaching you to be safe. hope you have the time to read and invest a few time, it can save your life!